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Putting on Biltwell Track Bars, need new Throttle Cables

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I am replacing the stock bars on my 09 VRSCDX with the Biltwell Track Bars with the 4.5" rise. Everything went back together but the throttle cables were just stretched enough that I didn't get the snap I wanted on the throttle (this is with them adjusted all the way out).

SO instead of buying custom length cables, I wanted to see if there were other Harley stock cables that ended up being just slightly longer than the V-Rod. For example. the 883 cables end up being .5" longer and so would fit perfectly.

Is there somewhere to get this info, or does anyone have experience doing this?

I am trying to not spend $60 a pop for custom cables.

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Might take existing cables to your Harley dealer and see if they can come up with a set.
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