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Race Tuner data, best run out of three:
60' ... 2,38
1/8 ... 8,35
1/4 ... 12,83

VRSCA 2002
SE slip on's
US intermediate exhaust piece
IAT relocated
K&N Air Filter
"Top with holes"
modified RT file 105GQ017-A0.MT2
32 T

@1000 mbar, 20°C

...my weight with leather&boots: approx 130 kg

· Autobanmod
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badrod said:
Looks like the best we're going to do with the stock rims & stock exhaust (actually modified SE slip on's) is 10.5's. Tried a lot of different things but we're having a tough time with traction. We'll we back at it in a couple of weeks with new rims, softer tires and a new exhaust. I'm posting a movie of the 10.519 run in the movie thread. Jeff
Dear Jeff,

I am not familiar with these figures but your third run had a higher top speed compared to the 10.5 run - so there is room for improvement?.
I like your video a lot - shame that the top fuel bike spoiled the sound of your run.
What's the RPM limit of your engine and did you change the ignition settings a lot?

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