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Maybe give others ideas for there's. Here is mine.

Custom Paint, Willie G themed
Offset spoked rims
Engine chrome kit
Willie G everything I could get, mirrors, grips, front nut covers, horn cover, license plate bolts, shifter pad, floorboards, passenger pegs, shift linkage rod, valve stem covers
Progessive 412HD shocks
200 rear tire
Clear alternatives Integrated rear taillight
Rizoma front blinkers
V-mod drag bars with 2" rise
Saddleman seat
16g double barrel SE exhaust
K&N filter(topless)
PowerCommander 5
Memphis Shade Del Rio windshield
Also, have a mustang seat with mustang backrest and luggage rack for when the old lady rides with me on long rides. On short rides we just use the saddleman seat with a luggage rack with mini buttrest, I call it a knub cause it is so damn tiny. haha


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Nothing major yet, I'm only 19 and still owe money on the bike.

Just got done swapping engine, alternator and water pump cover. Ill post better pics once I polish it up

Originally race orange 05.
Bought 03 tins
-Tab turn-out slip on exhuast
-Tab tuner
-Harley chrome pegs
-Black water pump cover
-Black clutch cover
-Black alternator cover
-Black front sprocket cover
-Black levers,mirrors,turn signals,shifter,brake pedal
-Back rest with black base plate and thicker backseat for my girl

(Bought used parts for everything I replaced black, so I still have all the stock chrome parts)

ImageUploadedByMO Free1367173504.889041.jpg ImageUploadedByMO Free1367173522.100992.jpg
ImageUploadedByMO Free1367173606.917850.jpg

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My '04 B - Latest Mod's

The latest mod's are complete.

Skullman cut rear shocks, length is now 11.5 inches.
Powder coated swingarm black
Add rear axle covers
Dutchrod LED kit
Gravestarr custom face plate
Kuryakyn ISO Grips W/ Throttle Boss
Kuryakyn Gloss Black Scythe Mirrors

I'll post a few more pictures if and when the sun comes back out here in Michigan.


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Alright where to start at....

2005 "B"
2010-11 "F" Motor(Stroker Crank, CP Pistons, K1 Rods, 1mm Oversized Valves, Stage 2 Cams, Engine brace, ARP studs top and bottom)
Motohooligan Airbox
Bub 7 2-1 Exhaust
Dakota Digital Gauges and Speedometer / Tachometer Interface with error codes
Digital Dawg Keyless ignition
13 DX Wheels with Conti Race Attack Rubber
Progressive Front Lowering Springs
49mm Factory Racing Clip-Ons
ISR Brake and Clutch Master Controls.
Custom One-Off 7/8's internal throttle
Rizoma Fluid Tanks
Dime City bar end mirrors
"R" Frame Rails
"R" Kickstand
"R" Shroud Covers
Saddleman Profiler Seat
Ricks 5 Gallon Tank
MegaZ's Ricks Cover
Rizoma Rearsets
Progessive 12" shocks
Badlands LED equalizer
Harrison LED Turn/Stoplights

Lots of matte black powder coating and candy red. Sure I'm forgetting a few things I'll add them if I remember later lol


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Here's my B model. Started out aluminum and I really wasn't feeling the aluminum with black frame so I had her painted satin black along with cutting the swingarm for the 240 rear reactor wheel and front to match. Brembo rear brake, Toxic Big Rig exhaust, Sundowner seat, Arlen Ness Bob Dron front fairing, 7" Fatboy headlight, drag bars with a slight pull back (wire ran inside bars). I just recently painted the stock mirrors and installed them upside down... looks killer and can now see what's behind me!


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Old and New

Old 2005 B -- Used to also have the Chromed SE Vents
Feb 2010
Old Bike1.jpg

May 2013

Dragonfly Green Pearl (2006) Airbox Cover, Front, and Rear Fender
HD Detatchable touring windshield (hardware painted black)
engine covers PC'd black
SE louvers, radiator covers, Swingarm, clamshell Painted Black
Vivid Black Nightrod control cluster bezel
Vivid Black Nightrod radiator Bezels
GR Customs Black Powder Coated Cut Grills
Motohooligan Airbox (anodized Black)
V&H Competition 2-1 (/w/baffle for the neighbors)
Stage 2 SE cams
Progressive 440 shocks (Black) and Progressive's front springs and HD SE oil in the front forks
Black Engine Guard
Black Billet Engine Guard Highway Peg Mount Kit
Black HD Axle & Swingarm bolt covers
Black Powdercoated Forks & Tripple Treese
Black Nightrod 5-spoke aluminum wheels
Avon Cobra Tires
Muscle (F) rigid bags
Road King CVO Leather Flamed Tourpak
UE 5 Gallon Gas Tank
HD Edge Cut Collection Hand Grips, Pegs, mirrors
HD Tribal collection Highway pegs
Rich's Custom Seat /w/ Stingray and Gator Belly
Rotweiler custom seat hinge
HD Muscle Gas Piston (for the seat)
HD Muscle Side Mount Lic. Plate Holder
12" black Handlebars
Black Levers
Digital Guard Dawg Keyless System


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Nz vrod

Okay folks, I'll join the show n' tell...

Started with...
1318cc BB (Zippers 'Hot Rod' Kit, yes with shitty Wiseco 4.25 Pistons, lesson learnt!)
Zippers CNC Ported Heads (+1mm o/valves)
500/460 Jones Cams
58mm Throttle Bodies
SE Race Tuner
Thunder Header 2:1 Exhaust
MC Brake Rotors & Calipers
Custom Mid Controls
Pingel Electric Shifter
Lowered on Works Suspension
Custom Chrome Wheel Set (28T, Metzeler 200 rear)
Shortened Drag bars
Lowered Seat (1")

Engine and Transmission is being rebuilt courtesy of Ohio guru Scott from Fitzgerald Motorsport.

New CP Pistons
ARP Case & Head (10mm)Bolts
FM Engine Brace
Pinned Bearings
Straight-cut 2nd Gear (1.8 ratio)
Billet Shifter Shaft
Upgraded Shifter Forks (I broke 4/5th)
New Drum

I've seriously considered changing to a Daytona Twin Tech in replace of the HD Screaming Eagle Race Tuner, for the most part because Dyno time here in NZ is expensive ($120hr, quoted 1.5days!) with dare I say it thin experience tuning a big bore V-Rod.

In debate with myself over keeping it a 1318, with the factory crank as I like my motors to rev and at 8,900 Tilleys Dyno returned a max power at 146.5, torque at 96.0 - but hey, we all know about variances in Dyno's, and from what I've read here a '1320' was only good for 135-140hp. I'd be happier if it redlined at 10,000rpm but then thats my 500cc 2-stroke crotch rocket days egging me on.

Could well end up throwing a 1/4 rewelded crank, a set of K1 Rods and new 5.7 Elvis Injectors at it, to increase the grin factor when the bike's back in one piece. Seems almost criminal not to stroke it (despite slight concern on additional piston wear due to rod angle and increased piston speed. I wasn't in the position to do the rebuild in the first place ($$!) but can ill afford to do the motor again - hence Fitzgerald Motorsport has been requested for the job.


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I've seriously considered changing to a Daytona Twin Tech in replace of the HD Screaming Eagle Race Tuner, for the most part because Dyno time here in NZ is expensive ($120hr, quoted 1.5days!) with dare I say it thin experience tuning a big bore V-Rod.

Dafoq?!?!? With that quote you can almost buy your own dyno for God's sake....

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I sure do wish I was first owner of my B. I'd have taken better care of it.
I'll have to take some pics when I get home, polished it up best I can without actually removing or replacing covers last night.

only "mods" I have,

- "mid sport" (I'm guessing) windscreen (came with it)
- kury iso grips
- topless, amsoil air filter
- DDM tuning HID hi and lo beam (and required "RJ" mod)
- SE 26 gauge pipes (came with it.)
- sundowner seat (came with it)

I don't want to put too much $$ in to it. I want to set aside some $$$ for a Road Glide for the really long 2-up trips.

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05 B, Purchased ne March 2007

Where to start...

S/E CNC Heads
S/E Stage 2 Cams
58 MM T/B
V/H 2nd gear
Transmission tricked out by R&D
Pingel Air Shifter
Drag bars with wires ran internal
Bar end mirrors
Shocks cut to 11 inches
Progressive spring in tubes to lower the front
Custom cut seat
08 ZX10 Wheels and Brakes
Custom wheel bearing by World Wide Bearings
Chain drive 20 front and 55 rear
Temp override switch
Taco clutch Mod (MPS Valve, AIM)
etc etc :broke:


I love this bike!!!
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OK, here is what I got so far...V-Moded exhaust, Power Commander III USB with a Fuel Moto map and running topless with a K&N air filter. Sundowner seat with back rest and rack. Skeleton Mirrors.......I think thats it..Oh, HD touring quick release windshield for cold or long trips.


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