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Do we really need them?
This is the question that I am researching right now.

Turbo or Supercharged piston engines typically use many cylinders arranged in-line and one or two superchargers. Superchargers deliver air at a relatively constant rate, while cylinders demand it in a varying manner, as the valves open and as piston speed varies through the stroke. Simple direct ducting would give problems where the nearest cylinders received more airflow. The pulsating demand from the cylinders would also show problems of either pressure waves in the duct, or a shortage of inlet air towards the end of the inlet phase.

The solution is to provide a large-volume plenum chamber between the inlet and the cylinders. This has two benefits: it evens out the difference in path restriction between cylinders (distribution across space), secondly it provides a large-volume buffer against pressure changes (distribution over time
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Swedish MCX express might be worth asking.

It's a shame that the website of MCX is not renewed. Yes, the turbo guru makes a kit when ordering. IC is produced in the city of Piteå. Kit for riders who want 200++ whp and wind in their hair. (y)
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