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I have also had an epifany (sp?) of sorts. My wrist is a constant reminder of what can happen (even if it is my own fault). I bought a full face helmet (my first) and confess that it gives me a little more feeling of security.
But discovering that I had a foot of tire cord showing on my rear tire was a real wake-up. Really scared me. I didn't even want to drive ot to the dealer - I had them come get it.
I ride the bike to work every day its not raining. I check tire pressure every so often (usually on weekends), as well as the oil at the same time, up on the lift where I get consistent data (I confess, as I have never had to add any, in 7500 miles, it is a low priority). But I'm thinking of how many miles I drove with a very thin rear tire and it gives me the willies.
But I'm still going to drive it every chance I get. Lets just be safe ouit there. Oh yes, we ARE invisible, and the cars WANT to kill us.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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