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You know, the other night, on the way to a meeting, I was on the freeway. I had just had the tank badge replaced, and the thought went through my head that it could possibly peel off. I looked down at it, and my G/F (passenger) tapped my chest. I looked up, and there was a car changing lanes into us. I backed off the throttle and moved into the other lane... felt good about it, except for the tightness in my throat and that funny metallic taste you get. So, in that blink, going 65 mph, I we could have become statistics. I have been in accidents before, just thankfully not on my beloved bike. Pedestrian, car, fire truck, mountain bike, and road bike accidents have all taken their shots. Maybe I am too accident prone to be allowed to have a motorcycle? Dont know, but I know I sure do learn a lot from you guys.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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