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Got a set of take-off's from your DX lying around gathering dust?

Trying to get a set of BST's working on my bike (with minimum downtime or re-engineering).

Seems the easiest way to do this, is to send a set of OEM wheels to Brocks performance so they can be measured.

I'd do it, but it requires complete disassembly of my daily driver, and god-only-knows how much downtime.

So, if someone has '08 or newer slotted disc wheels - I'd be willing to pay for 2-way shipment to Brocks so they can measure these out. ABS with BEARINGS & INNER SPACER IN would be perfect (but beggars can't be choosers now, can we?).

The BST's are true bolt-on for VRSC's up to '07 - but the rotor mounts and hub dimensions are apparently different from '08 on (as are the ABS bearing dimensions).

What this will accomplish, is a bolt-on solution (or newly designed hub from BST) for newer VRSC's with (or without) ABS.

Conversely - if someone has a set of take-offs (and an engineering degree from the looks of these sheets), and can take the measurements off them for these design sheets - that would work too (though I'd prefer to place the responsibility for getting it right on Brocks). These are the measurement sheets sent out to Blackstone Tek to design wheels for models other than what's already on the shelf.

Appreciate if anyone out there could see their way clear to giving me a hand on this. Having a set of $4k wheels on my POOL TABLE instead of my BIKE is getting a little frustrating.

Regards to all...



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