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Updated -
I went with the Powervision
Worth the $ for the features and ease of connecting to the bike...

I bought a new PC3 for 200.00
I bricked the thing I guess buy running an update while running it on a soft 9 volt battery. Pizzzzt....
Never even installed it.
I sent it to DynoJet.

"Customer Loyalty Program".
The offer would replace or upgrade my unit to a brand new,
retail packaged Power Commander 5 for a cost of $219.99
or a Power Vision for $269.99

The PV has advanced features and is easy to connect to the Diag Port. Code Clearing - Real time Data, Load maps w/o Laptop

The PC3 and PC5 are in line (Downstream?) from the ECU.
The Power Vision actually flashes the ECU - not "piggy back" on it.
I hope I am right there.

Should I be concerned about messing with the ECU - and go with
the PV5 for 200.00,
Or - Go with the Power Vision. for 269.00?

Bike: 06 -D - Stock 15k miles. K&N A/F
Runs great. Typical Decel Pop and the stumbles @ < 3000 rpm..
Planned Mods: VMOD-1 to Pipes and topless and/or Cut holes in upper and lower air-box.

your knowledgeable opinions much appreciated!

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actually, I was coming to check for an answer... because from what rode about PV and PC5 it does the same and PV better and easy... so am not sure why people still looking for PC5, also the company still producing PC5?
why anyone going to buy it if the PV is in the market, it may help other biker but with V-rod.. as far as I understand that PV will be the best option

here is one more question. Do I have to buy Auto tuner with it or not?

I wish who had good experience pass and advice us. as all my word lay on what I read.
I need someone who did use both or install both so I can find the benefit and negatives about them on my V-Rod Muscles 2015.

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Do I have to buy Auto tuner with it or not?

I just got mine - plan on going V-MOD1 -KN AF-Topless
Of the stock Maps the Closest is supposed to be the one with Screaming Eagle Slipons. Pipes.
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