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Passanger pegs on a Muscle with a Trask kit?

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Has anyone been able to successfully relocate the rear passenger pegs on a trask equipped muscle? I have tried a few ways with no success. If not does Trask sell a different exhaust tube? Wife really not happy. Any help appreciated.
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Use AW passenger foot peg support brackets. They bolt in place of the red reflectors that are near the seat cushion and should pretty much clear any exhaust.

You'll need the left and right AW brackets, and the four mounting bolts. Pretty much any standard H-D peg (including the stock F pegs) will fit on the brackets.

Unlike the D/DX brackets, they don't have an exhaust hanger on the right one.

Would these be something I would get at the dealer or are they sold aftermarket?
Either-- they're factory H-D parts from a VRSCAW...... but you'll most likely do better ordering online.

Go here to see what I'm talking about. I listed the part numbers you need as well. They'll bolt up to your F with no problems and no modifications.


51180-07. Footrest support, passenger-right.
51723-07. Footrest support, passenger-left.
3703M. Screw (you'll need four).

You can look at various places online that will be cheaper than the dealer, but keep an eye on shipping. I like New Castle (link below) as they're usually cheaper (but shipping can cost, depending on what you're ordering). Ronnie's, board tracker and Surdyke are potentials as well.

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