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This is a parts list i have posted in VRSCB I am posting it here to let
everyone have a look

OK Here we go.
Donor bike 04 VRSCB 10500, Miles.£6,000.
K&N Filter
SE Stage One
SE 16 gauge powershots'
Ceramic coated Matt Black
Roland Sands short ape hangers'
Custom Rear fender (fabricated by myself)
Black Powder coating to all casings.
Engine Blacked with Plasticoat High Temp Stove Paint
Custom Seat Pan (fabricated by myself)
Seat covering,by Area 51 Custom.
Lower leg covers,Rizoma.
Light from Ebay Powdercoated.
Grips, Battastini.
Foorpegs from VRSCF,Powdercoated.
Costom Paint by GS Custom Designs
Wheels, Harley 5 spoke,Powdercoated
Avon Cobra Tyres.
Sintex brake pads
Fabricated-altered brake pedal
Vintage white rubber shift and brake pegs.
Leather water pump hose cover,(to match seat)
Leather upper fork leg covers(to match seat)
Indicator mirrors,Ebay(Hong Kong)
Arnott Air rear shocks.
Double sided rear indicators.
Rizoma rear indicator relocators.
Hel extended front brake lines
Extended throttle and idle cables.
Cost of parts £2000
Paint £550
Powder Coating £500
Ceramic coating £200
Seat covering £200

Total cost of build £9450

These figures do not include my time but i get that for free.
Estimated selling cost ???? Say around £12,000.


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