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I have some paint ideas for my tank since the paint is peeling.

I would like some opinons or ideas if you guys have any.

I thought about having the body shop at my school do it, or a friend who was a painter for a big company and knows his stuff, but I think I am going to tackle it myself.

Thinking one of the following combos

Silver with black metal flake
Black with red metal flake
Black with silver metal flake.

This following one is alittle over doing it but hey why not :D.

Paint the tank red and have my vinyl guy make a skin of tribel flames and put on the tank then shoot it with gloss black paint and remove the vinyl to have a black tank with red flames coming up from the motor. Over done I would say not sure if the vinyl would leave a clean line of paint. Do you think it would work?

So any thoughts or better ideas would be great.

This is on my 1981 suzuki I bought I think I can do the job and would like to try if nothing else I could have someone fix it should I **** it up

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Play with it! Worst case, it looks horrible, and you learn. I have done dozens of colors, and settled on one. Find one you like, and go for it. If you suck at painting, pay someone who is good at it. You will be happy, and done is good! JMHO, Joe
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