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Pacific Northwest Registry

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Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Name: Fred

Home: Kirkland, Wa.

Destinations: Try the North Cascade Highway in Summer
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Andrew Johnson

Vancouver wa

Destination......... most anywhere

Portland, Oregon

Lake Oswego, Or

Ready to ride north or south
Richard Lange - Vancouver WA
Destination.....Duh...It's the journey!
Favorites -
Mt. St. Helens
Columbia Gorge
Mt. Hood, Cannon Beach

Other Ride Ideas: http://www.langestreet.com/RideIdeas/rideideas.htm
Richard I see you don't live too far from me....... I just live in downtown we rode by you alot this summer ..... no riding today obviously eah......
Mike Ortega

Hillsboro, Oregon

Love to cruise
mike, I saw you bike at the easy rider show lookin good,,,,,, also I think I parked by you this summer downtown at the 100th celebration......
It is a small world isn't it. We want to get a V-Rod ride together this summer sometime. will keep the Pac NW riders posted.
Idaho Racer

Rick Nielson

Boise Idaho


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Rick: Very nice ride.

Welcome aboard Dan, we are neighbors...............I live on Bull Mountain.. Welcome rick, sweet wheels my friend!!

Probably closer than you think...I'm down at Murray Hill...Scholls and Murray.

Where are all the Seattle V-Rod owners? Am I the only V-Rod owner in Greater Seattle that uses the Internet? I doubt it. You would think only Oregon and Southern Washington people (and one drag racing Idahoian) own V-Rods up here. Come on guys, become members and register. :lamer: :soapbox: :welcome: :biker: :vrodforu:
Clinard Hill

Welcome everyone,
It's nice to see all the northwestern v-rod bikers unite.
I would like everyone to post their #'s if they wish to hook up for a ride sometime. It would be quicker to contact people I think. I'll start it off! 503-515-2208 cell
408-644-2617 (I'm local but my cell number is out of California).

1 - 20 of 2051 Posts
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