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owie, need help

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Hi all, first of all let me Tell you folks how much I appreciate all of your good information. I'm new to the forum and you folks are just a world of information especially frogman. Whenever I have a question you're right there with help I appreciate you all. Now to my problem I need to relocate my turn signals from lower on the front end where the windshield hooks on, to the original location under the handlebars. It appears as though they screw in below the mirrors. I need two things if anyone has any kind of a tutorial or information explaining how to hook turn signal lights up under the handlebar I would appreciate it. My second question is, is there anyone out there that's parting out your bike and has a good set of chrome front turn signals for sale including the stems. I have a 2003 anniversary model the rod but I suspect that for most years they're probably the same mounting position at least from 2002 to 2006. Please let me know if you have some for sale I would sure like to purchase them. Thanks for all your help guys, Richard Housley.
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a world of information especially frogman.
I'm not the leading expert here, there are plenty with way more knowledge on V's than myself. If it hasn't been suggested to you before, a factory service manual is your best bet.
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