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I got blue lights on mine, check this thread. The pics don't do it justice but I think that is because they put out so much light.

Like I said I did a LOT of research. Kuryakyn's are surface mount LEDs. Surface mounts don't put out as much light and I have seen them fail. Just look at some of the different manufacturer "pod" lights on bikes. They will have one or two burnt out or can not take the vibration. The ones from www.customdynamics.com are the best I have found. A little big but well worth it. I get TONS of complements and going to do a friends bike with them next week. Just check the thread. :cheers:

PS. I think since mine are so bright I have been stopped in Daytona twice. Don't get blue or red if you want to drive with them on. My :2cents:
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