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Old Man Winter....

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I wish Old Man Winter would hurry up and move on! I'm getting the itch to ride my NRS.
Not much to do but wait and have a few cold ones. I guess I could dust off my snowboard.....

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Hmm. It just dumped 7" of snow just 3 days ago in my neck of the woods.
Yet just 300 kms away in Edmonton, some hearty souls were riding at 5 C last Saturday when I was there. Edmonton area did not get the snow dump. Not here though, the roads just melted and the sand, salt is very thick in places. No one is riding here, yet.
I will be waiting for a while longer it seems.
It truly does suck. I hope that the weather forecast is correct for your area and that it is a great day for your ride.
Old man winter is hitting my area really hard today! Up to 20 cm of snow or more!
Sigh... The wait continues.
Yes it truly sucks. This morning everything is white again with ugly road surfaces even for cages.
It is like an itch that cannot be scratched. Just have to grin and bare it though.
I am glad though that you are able to go for rides and feel the exhilaration of 2 wheels on your NRS. Keep on vrodding!
So-called spring is more like winter here in Central Alberta but finally the warmer weather is coming this week. The county has started to clear the gravel and sand off the streets thankfully. Just last week the snow was still falling for several days. Thankfully it melted fairly quickly unlike the dump a couple of weeks ago. Southern Ontario gets warmer quicker than here. So they have been able to ride for several weeks.

Winter does suck for those who love 2-wheels no doubt about it.

Should be riding soon! Yea!

Allergies suck! I hope that they clear up soon for you @kntdrv.
I am planning on picking up the bike this week. I am so looking forward to riding my new machine and having 2 wheels under me again. I have taken the next 4 weeks off and plan to ride every day that I can. Should be a great time!
Yes! I was able to get my NRS yesterday. Rode the 300 km home from the dealer. All I can say is WOW, it was glorious. Weather was great. The highways had light traffic for most of the way, allowing me to go through the gears and break it in correctly. I was comfortable and loved the feel. The Bassani exhaust has a great sound! The smiles just did not stop.
1 - 7 of 49 Posts