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2016 prod, 5k miles

just finished a stage 1 install-

fitzgerald motorsports pipe
Dynojet target tune autotuner
Motohooligan hi-flo air intake

When the ride began, the fuel indicator began going wonky.
figured it was just a loose indicator. It showed me at 1/4 tank
then went to empty very quickly (I had plenty of gas in the tank).

Only rode for about 10 miles
then parked in garage. Turned bike off, everything seemed fine.

When I went to start the bike up about 10 minutes later, the fans
turned on and ran furiously for about 3-5 minutes and the red
oil indicator turned on and the bike won’t start (a safety feature I
suppose). I checked the oil, and there is plenty of oil in the pan.

Anyone got any ideas?
Fans will come on at any time the temp is 217 and over with key on. They will also come on if you pull the mater fuse and plug it back in. A weak battery when hitting the start button could cause enough of a voltage drop the ECM could see this as the same deal and start the fans when you let go of the start button. In around 9 volts the bike might even do an electrical reboot, like when you turn the key on effect. Texas heat could kill the battery or shorten it's life but not the cause of a low battery. As mentioned, charge it up and do a charging system check for 13.8-14.2 volts with bike running. Don't rely on the PV to be accurate for voltage readings. Many are .4 low of actual, including mine and I've been told it's where it's sensing the voltage from which is the ecm. Use a VOM instead.
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