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Offered to a great home for $ 6250 ! $ 6000 ?

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2003 Anniversary Edition V Rod Anodized
Hey guys I'm trying to help out a friend and pilot, the CEO of a local company I maintain a corporate jet for - he's moving from a inland ranch to a beach condo and trying to sell his 2003 Anniversary Edition V Rod - he's the first and only owner - the bikes in real excellent shape, always garaged, exactly 6000 miles as of 4 pm today -it's got H-D Screaming Eagle pipes, windscreen, backrest, grips, no corrosion. They just don't get any better than this - not raced or abused, always respected and H-D maintained. Reluctantly, his baby, she's a for sale for $ 6750 ( he paid right at $ 19,000 PM me if you're interested - located in Central FL. Fly or drive in, buy it and ride or trailer it home ( or we can deliver within 250 miles R/T for low bucks ) Thx ! I'd buy it myself but a sixth M/C in my garage would make my Misses a little pissed.

Update - he's moved & long gone and the Mrs. is now getting pissed. :chainsaw: This beautiful bikes gotta go, unfortunately - if anyone's got any interest let me know - she's like brand new with only 6000 miles so if you bought it for say $ 6000 that's a steal ! only a buck a mile ! Pm me with a text phone # or e mail for photo's - I got no idea how to put them up here and lets talk - I might even expand the delivery area to the right buyer, as I don't like getting my head cut up by Wifey's chain saw. You can't even buy a crappy Street series for this kinda money and you are getting an excellent, rideable, future collectible ! :D
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Photos sent, should have more better tomm. Taking the bike to ACE Cafe tonight in downtown Orlando.
SOLD. Down The Road.

Unfortunately it SOLD this am. Pile of $ or the bike ? :banghead: A little sellers remorse here but now I can finish my new engine. I'll get over it. :D
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