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I have worked with this guy many times and LOVE his work. He is working on something for me right now as well and if you have seen my post of the airbrushing he did you would be amassed. I will be at Bonneville with him and many others to cheer him on. Now with working on this in his spare time using his funds he has to do twice the work having to pay for this project and keep the lights on at home. Read the following go to the link and anything you can do will help.

Hellcat Customs, a small, Arizona-based custom motorcycle builder is attempting to make history. Our passions include turbo-charging one-of-a-kind Sportsters and building custom sidecars. Now we are blending the two — with the first-ever turbo-charged sidecar Sportster running a stock Harley engine on regular pump gas to attempt to set a land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

By sponsoring this project, you can be a part of something never done before at a historical event where legends are born. Event will take place September 7 – 11. Your support will help fund preparation for the motorcycle / sidecar (including race tech compliancy), entry fees, tires, fuel, supplies, etc.

in the comments tell him BikerInPhx sent ya and the 1130cc.com has his back.
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