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THAWING In Montana
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My Wife, Myself and a forum member and his wife, had a fun adventure on sunday. We left about 9am from Laurel, Montana. From there we rode up through Red Lodge, Montana, and onward up the beartooth highway. It's a gorgeous ride through some really tall mountains! It was pretty cold at the top as well.

We continued on down the Wyoming side, and into Cooke City, Mt. where we stopped for lunch. A really great french dip sandwich made it a refreshing stop (to be completely honest, I didn't get the french dip, but it looked great)

Back on the road and into Yellowstone National Park. If there is more beautiful country, I don't know where. We saw lots of Bison and Deer. No bears or Moose were seen this time...but maybe next time.

Then on to Mammoth Hot springs. A lot has changed to this amazing area since I was here maybe 17 or 18 years ago. Still very interesting, but not as I remember. I'm glad I saw the bubbling springs when I was young, because there are not many left.

Moving onward, we followed the northern park border and exited at the north entrance. From there we were getting tired (at least my wife and I were, after all the Street rod isn't much of a touring bike.) So we headed up to livingtson, MT for fuel and an energy drink. Then down the 90 with a couple of stretching stops, and back home to Billings.

I'm always amazed at how beautiful it is so close to my new home in Montana. I like it here.

Great rides, and good People to ride with,...you can't beat it.
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