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No programmer help

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Hey guys i have a 2007 "X" that i bought from a guy, who bought from Harley, who repoed it from a guy. So after purchasing it i took it to my local Harley and had it dynoed to see if it had a tune to go along with the CFR exhaust it had on it, because i planned on giving it some hell. Turns it does have a race tune on it, is all they could tell me, and put down 119hp & 82ft.lbs. A very strong running bike to say the least. However there is no tuner with the bike! I recently ordered Jones cam kit in the group buy. I need to know if i am gonna run into tuning problems like cars do when a tuner is married to vehicle and tuner is lost? Also i want to buy the best tuner for these V Rods so what is the one to get? I may stroke it or supercharge it at some point, or i may just ride it with cam, exhaust, filter and tune forever...never know till it happens lol
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It really depends on what tune is in it. If it is a factory download, the dealer can flash it back to stock, or write over it. If it is a TTS or SERT you would need a tuner to unlock it. If the dealer can get into the ECM, it's probably just a dealer download. I have run TTS, Thundermax and Fuelpak on my 4 bikes and I like the first two for different reasons. I do not care for the third. If you are going forced induction, keep in mind you will need a tuner that can accept a 2bar sensor input. I recently was looking at the PV for my 13 Muscle, but it doesn't have the capability for forced induction(2bar sensor). There are some wicked smart people on this forum and I'm sure they will chime in. adown
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