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I am a new owner of a 2002 V-RoD.Found it on Facebook for $5300 with 8400 mile.It looked flawless with no rust,no scratches and purred like a tom cat on catnip.I took it for a cruise around the neighborhood and it shifted great but the brakes felt a little squishy.
I was in love and would have given the $6000 he wanted for it but I played it cool and offered him $5000 and he said $300 more and you have a deal and my wife is a notary.Deal was done.
I lived about 15 miles away on a 55mph highway so I drove it home with my wife following me.When I hit about 40mph the bike was shaking all over the place when cornering the bike felt like it was going to come out from under me and the brakes front and rear just had enough pressure to slow me down I had better stopping power with engine brake.
I was shaking scared to death after making it home.My wife said "you look like a unstable noob maybe you better take some riding lessons".
Well it turns out even though the tires look like they had great tread they were older than the bike was.Tires were 2001 and the bike was 2002. The tires were over 20 years old. Upon examination the tires were cupped and had micro dry rot all throughout them. I'm lucky I made it home with no road rash.
After about $800 more for new tires and all fluids changed the bike handles like a dream.
I have no regerts馃槀

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Wow nice looking ride love the chrome! I have all aluminum and need to polish it 24/7. LOL 馃槶 I did the same thing about 6 months ago test drove mine about 2 blocks in the snow and that was it I WANTED IT.

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Welcome to 1130cc! Cool picture. Reactor wheels & pulley too.
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