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Got my new '03 V Rod about a month ago (My last bike was a Kawasaki GPZ 750 back in 1985).

I'd been racing an SCCA GT-1 racecar (tube frame V-8 Camaro) for the last few years and have finally "retired" (for the 2nd time).

Since parking the racecar and starting to sell it off, piece by piece, I was looking for a "new" hobby that would keep my interest in "gears".

Two of my buddies have Harley's ('95 Low Rider & '03 Road King) and they helped "steer" me into a HD. The V Rod was my first choice, but being a short guy, I had trouble reaching the shifter.

Was going to order a new Low Rider until my local dealer pulled a V Rod off the showroom floor and started tricking it out with most of HD's bolt-ons. All I needed to do was sit on the "Willie G" saddle and check the "fit" on the reduced reach controls to confirm that a V Rod would be comfortable after all !

Had one on the road home 2 days later, been riding it almost everyday since. I'm getting a late start (at 55 yrs.) but am looking forward to riding with my wife (on her new Buell), tricking out my V Rod with some more neat bolt-ons, and maybe building a "custom" bike in a year or two.

This forum is great, tons of ideas, info and opinions !!!

Take care all, thanks for the "company",


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EEROD welcome to the forum. Glad your enjoying that new V-Rod.

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