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Hi All,
After lusting after a V-Rod since its introduction, I finally
pulled the trigger and picked up an 02 with 577 miles via eBay. I
think the latest Harley add ("will you say you kept a crabgrass
free lawn, It's time to ride") really worked on me.

This bike sat for two years and got a once over at
Central Texas (Austin, TX) HD dealership. I'm new to Harley after
caring and feeding an 82 Honda CB750K for years.

Anyway other than holding on tight, is there any advice you can
give a newbie on the V-rod, or the HD experience. Things that
should be watch extra carefully, or maintained in a certain way.

Lastly, I'm thinking of putting on a windshield and would
apprecaite some feedback on your experiences with the different
versions available.


Chad 02 V-ROD
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Read through the forum do a search for windvest and also a new one that's cheaper memphis shade have you v-mod the pipes yet.
:welcome: :welcome:

skin changer
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Hey, I found your bike---looks real good. Get ready to spend money on options...you have only just begun!
It's nice to find an untouched V-Rod so you can customize it to YOUR liking.
Enjoy it!

There are other Ebay maniac's on the system...probably afraid to admit it like me. I have bought a bunch of options on Ebay for my :vrod: so far and I'm sure there will be allot more.
I'm getting sold on my V-Rod to the point that I sold 1 of my Virago's yesterday....I'm moving in the right direction!

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