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Hey Guys and Gals :D

New here and its been a while since I was on a forum! I'm looking to get a nigh trod special and have been tempted by a turbo listed locally.

So far the dealer that has it on consignment has not been too helpful, both times I have been there it has not been in a presentable condition (the second time being a pre-arranged test ride and the bike wouldn't even start!)

It's been boosted on a stock Trask system for about the last 4-5 years. Most recently apparently tuned by the dealer. Its running a thundermax.

Anything I should be looking out for?
I'm used to non-standard turbo cars, done the work myself, so am not new to performance mods, just brand new to Harley's and boost.

On an off chance anyone local knows the bike? I know it's a bit nondescript, but you never know! Would rather talk to the owner or someone who knows the bike.
Located: Brisbane Australia

The turbo and manifold are showing signs of age/millage, and there are a few paint and bodywork issues. It's got 36xxxks, its an '07 and they're adking AU$20,490.

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