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I just picked up my bike after having new Dunlops installed at my dealer.

I'm right at 10,000 miles - and was still on the original set. All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the mileage I got out of them. I do a fair amount of 2-up riding, plus at least a couple of thousand of those miles were at freeway speeds (~75 mph+). The wear bars were starting to show in places, and I noticed that the rear tire had started to get kinda squirrely.

After much searching and thinking about it, I decided to have the dealer do the whole thing. I know I could have taken the wheels off myself and brought them in (thereby saving myself about $60 or so); but I also could have spent several hours screwing around, and ended up messing up the belt tension, etc. Sometimes its much better to leave the job to a professional - knowing your own limitations is not such a bad thing. Including tax, installation, mounting and balancing, plus disposal of the old tires, this set me back $375. Not cheap - but then nothing to do with the V-Rod is that way. I guess I'll throw 4 cents into my "tire jar" for every mile I put on this set.

The new tires look a lot better than the ones that came off the bike. I guess I'd forgotten how deep the tread was, especially in the middle of the rear tire. I haven't had a chance to test the grip much - it was raining when I rode the bike home, and its never a good idea to get very aggressive with brand new tires. The release agent they put in the mold can make the surface of brand new tires somewhat slippery, so its a good idea to break them in gently for the first 50 miles or so.
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