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new rotors

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So im sure my front rotors are warped. They pulse so bad when i apply the brakes it shakes the front end. Has anyone ever heard of these ? http://www.oncycles.com/catalog.asp?department=c_clearance&product=1886 Has anyone ever used them? I'm thinking of trying them.
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Thats a great buy...
That's really cheap, check other forums. If they hold up, that's a deal!
I didn't use it till now..But that looks really cheap..Good deal..Just do some research Online for quality of rotors..
Probably not warped:http://www.stoptech.com/tech_info/wp_warped_brakedisk.shtml

The one in the pic looks mighty thin around the mounting screws. Scary.
So, has anyone purchased/used the ALTH front rotors in the first post?? The brand receives great feedback online and the price is killer!!!!!!!!
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