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Hello everyone,

New rider here.

My brother, longtime rider, invited me to Daytona Beach Bike week this year for the first time and I was intrigued.

Fast forward a month or so and took the safety class, first time ever on a bike and I was in love. Got really lucky and had really great safety instructors who really loved what they did, and riding in general, they sealed the deal and will forever be grateful. Great classmates was also a plus :).

Was between a Honda Fury, Indian Scout bobber, V-Rod Night special, and Muscle.

Fast forward to 2 weekends ago and flew my brother up to help me find a bike. Settled site unseen on a orange 2013 V-Rod muscle, it just called me in. The seller was cool, straight, and honest, sealed the deal.

To be honest I was intimidated when I first saw her, drove 4 hours and had never ever even sat on one, but did a lot of "reading up", this forum (reading) played an important part in my decision making even though I just joined, and it just felt like a fit for me before I ever even sat on her.

Way happy I did it, rode up with my brother, taking turns(he did the majority since it got dark and I didn't feel comfortable given the construction zones), and I have been parking lot practicing every chance I get since then, getting my slow speed skills and handling up to snuff.

Really happy to be part of the community.

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