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The ECM has the capability of detecting acceleration and enriching the mixture durring that period, exactly like an accelerator pump in a carb. This feature is based on an internal map that is not adjustable by the Race Tuner.

I wonder if, because the PCIII takes over the pulses to the injectors, it's defeating the factory accleration enrichment? If that's the case then there is yet another reason to not use the PCIII in place of the RT.

Here's a data log of the enrichment circuit in action.


13,094 Posts
air1kdf said:
It doesn't defeat the factory acceleration enrichment. If your computer goes, you don't need to repurchase. Of course unlike the RT, if you don't like it, you could just sell it.

I HATE the way the RT locks the license to a bike. They're worse than Microsoft. I just can't support a company that operates like that.

Also note that the PC3r is for the V-Rod not the PC3 USB.
I have yet to receive a definitive answer to the way the PCIII modifies the injector pulse. If they simply add or subtract a few ms from the pulse width supplied by the computer then it probably doesn't defeat the accelerator enrichment. If they take over the signal all together then yes, they will defeat the acceleration enrichment. If they WERE NOT defeating the acceleration enrichment then why do they now advertise acceleration enrichment capabilities???????

As for locking the RT to one bike, I completely understand HD's need to protect their product. PC sells hardware, they give away the software. If you buy a PCIII and there's no way you can simultaneously use the product on different bikes. You buy 1 copy of the RT and without the lock you could load your program onto 100 bikes simultaneously. That's at least $150000 of lost revenue! I'm with Leon on this one.

Here's some real answers the most of the questions asked of HD regarding the license lock:

Q.) What if my ECM needs replacement, do I have to buy another RT?
A.) No, simply return the RT lock along with the original ECM and HD will replace the lock with a fresh one.

Q.) What if I sell the bike, can I keep the RT?
A.) Only if you buy a similar bike, at which point you can swap the ECMs (if the buy/seller agrees) however, since you have modified the ECM with the RT it's in the new owners best interest to also purchase the RT to maintain the maps. Work a deal with the new buyer to add a couple hundred to the deal and use that money to buy another RT for your new bike. Give the new owner the new RT but swap the hardware locks. Since the programs are interchangeable you don't lose you old work.

Q.) If my ECM "fries" will it be replaced under warranty and will I get a new RT with the new ECM?
A.) That depends on the circumstances surrounding the ECM failure. Your dealer is your single best resource for this question. If you have a good relationship and they support the RT than odds are you will get your ECM covered under warranty. As for replacement of the RT see above.

Q.) What if I don't like the RT and I want to sell it, how can I do that?
A.) Unless the buyer is willing to swap ECMs you can't.

Please don't take offense, I'm just voicing my opinion. I really like the RT as well as the concept of directly editing the ECM, I've tried numerous piggyback solutions on EFI systems in cars, boats and motorcycles and always come back to direct editing whenever possible.

BTW, stay tuned, I've heard rumblings of a "fix" to the lock problem:diablo:
Of course it would only be used to allow a legal owner of the RT to make backups :D
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