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New Grip Installation

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Hey guys, Santa brought me a bunch of stuff for Christmas and I am trying to put on the new grips. I had no problem with the left but the right with the throttle cable has me a little worried. The instructions say I need a manual to know how to reinstall the grip. Anybody have any ideas? It is a 03'


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Put an old white sheet on the ground. Then do whatever the forum people say. I always use a pair of rubber tipped needlenose pliers and follow the directions as stated in the box.
I have put 3 pair on in the past 5 years and the only "catch is the little brass cable ends that are on only from being snug. Once the adjustment is loosened up they can free fall. That is where the sheet comes in.
Good luck. It will work out, just be gentle and do not "fray" the cable by forcing anything.
Thanks BobT, those little bits of info really help.

As Bob said but I might add that I always loosen only one of the throttle adjustments and mark the spot on the cable before you move the nut for reference when you tighten the cable back up. If the back has any miles on it this is a good time to run lube down the cables as well.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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