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October is here, the remainder of the season will have several Saturday & Sundays where you can run your bike All day 9 am to 5 pm.

I will be there Sunday 10/3 8am to 5 pm for another serious testing session, working on honing my 11.50 index runs, would be fun to run with other V's.

My VMAX Buddie will be with me, testing his custom made wheelie bars, should get him into the 10's easy. :chainsaw:

Come on up if your interested, you will need:

Motorcycle endorsement on your active drivers license.
Current Snell 2000/2005 full face helmet
Leather: Jacket, Gloves & Boots that go above your ankles
If you want to go faster than 120 mph or Quicker than 11.00 Sec (hard to do) but possible on a V you need leather pants/

Enter the RACERS Gate at the pit's, look for me & I'll show ya what you need to do to get on the track, (credentialing, Technical Inspection (no worries for street bikes so long as you have a tread on the tires), then prep for racing.
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