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I just did a bar swap recently because long rides with drag bars were killing my back and wrists. Might be a bit over the top but I put 16" apes with 1" risers and it is so much better. As for brands, I found these bars on ebay for a good price and they're mated to some generic 1" risers from amazon (due to tight budget) but after 600mi cruising and one trip up to MA (1.5hr) they were night & day difference from the 1" drags that were on it. I'm also 5"11 with 29" arm length for reference. The brake cable was pieced together from Summit racing and the clutch cable was from Magnum shielding. Throttle cables were made by Barnett and I did all the wiring myself with spare wire laying around.

The benefit of these risers with how simple they are is I could reposition these bars (or any other 1"DIA bars) to the most comfortable position when riding so if apes isn't the desired look then they could be swapped for any shorter bars and still be adjusted to right fit.

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1 - 2 of 20 Posts