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This Cobra fender is made from hand-laid Fiberglass, specifically made for the Muscle and 2012 V-Rods and up that have the Inverted Front Ends.

Mounts right up to your stock forks, you won't need the brackets or any hardware, bolts up just like your stock mounting bracket.

This Design was made with a Sleek Design to "hug" the wheel, but also made structurally so it will not waver in the wind!

We are making 3 different styles out of the Cobra fender they are cut out of the Original Cobra Fender, so you can do the same if you want a "Real" Custom Fender!

Cobra is the "Touring" style fender and we cut from that the "Razor" (shown below) and the New "Viper" one will be released soon!

Available now on our site!


We can also paint these for about 20-30% less than most painters!




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Wouldn't mind seeing a photo from a few metres back so you get a feel of it on the whole bike , not just the front wheel
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