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Piece of cake. Here's the blow by blow:

1. Loosen lower shock bolt and pull it out just enough to not protrude out the back of the swing arm hole
2. Slide the belt guard off by pulling it out the back of the bike. You'll see that in addition to the rear shock nut it's held on with 2 rubber washers, one in the front under the pulley cover and one near the middle on the back side if the swing arm.
3. Installation is the reverse of removal

1. Remove the hex bolt from the bottom of the swing arm.
2. Drop the cover and pull back, you'll see it's held in place with a rubber washer inside the front pulley cover
3. Installation is the reverse of removal.

I would fit the new ones and see if there's a clearance problem before I started to cut anything. It seems that there's enough tolerances that some don't need any modification to fit.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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