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I've been riding a Sportster and last week bought a 2003 VRSCA Anniversary V-Rod. I LOVE IT!!!! As with most, it has forward controls. I would like to convert it to mid controls. I found a guy who has a 2006 VRSCD that he converted from mids to forward controls. He is willing to sell me the mid controls. He believes he has all the parts, but not being mechanically inclined, he is not sure of the total parts list. Being a new owner, I can't speak fluent V-Rod at this time. Can someone tell me what a complete list of parts needed to convert my bike? Also will the mids work with stock 2003 exhaust?

Seems to me, I'm asking for a lot of work from someone else, but you don't know what you don't know. Hopefully with time and experience I can add to the forum.

Thanks in advance.
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