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Need extended front brake line dimensions / advice

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I have a 2007 NRS. I purchased from Harley the reduced reach handlebars but I require the front (non-ABS) brake line for the 2012 NRS (according to Harley). p/n: 44736-06B. I've had these on order since October with backorder pushout dates being added every month. Latest news is late May. That is unacceptable...

So, looking for options...

I've been told to have a set made but no company I call knows what lengths I need. It's like they never heard of a VROD before. Are there any build sheets or spec's that anyone has for the longer length lines?

Are the 4-5" brake line extensions a option? Never tried one of those.

Anyone have a take-off from a 2012 NRS?

I need to bring these handelbars back so I can truly ride this bike the way it was meant to be ridden but cannot do this until I find a solution to the brake line issue.

Any help???
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p/n: 44736-06B
That number is good all the way back to 2006/2007 nightrods........... Don't believe if a dealer tells you the only one with that part "in stock" is a dealer in Lake Charles, La. ......... I called them and they said they have one on order but there's no one in the USA that has it in stock ............. I'm not sure of the length differences, I had to go with 2007 bars on my 2006 (no longer available) and they are taller so I was looking for longer front line. Galfer's is the one source I see most often here, but sure there are others.....
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