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Well, I guess it was due to happen to me too. I noticed yesterday, that the bike took a couple of extra cranks to start. Probably nothing, I said.
Tonight (another 60 degree evening), I went for a short "niteride". Again;
it took extra cranks to fire up. This time I got her up to a bit of speed (70mph) on the highway, for a while, and I noticed a slight feeling of holding back on the powerband. As I headed for home, I noticed it at all speeds when motor turned 4k or more. If I held 4k in 1st or 2nd gear; it did the "starving for fuel" thing also.

Got home, and popped the cap off the tank; looked in with my flashlight;
turned the key to on;.....and sprayed gas was everywhere at the top of the tank. Started the engine (harder even yet); and still much spray!!

Time to change the flange fitting..as per everyone elses observations, and
experiences. I had a big box of brass fittings, and one was the exact one for the application. I had it running like a top in a hair less than one hour. The flange retainer ring came off pretty easy with my special channel lock pliers;
the old fitting just about fell out of the hole it's supposed to be "pressed" into.
I used a 1/8 NP tap to thread the plastic hole, and put in the new brass fitting. I used a good little stainless hose clamp to put the hose back on to the new fitting. It started right up after letting the pump do it's thing while waiting for the dash lights to go off. I can't wait to jump on and ride it tommorow morning.

I think this whole senario unravells pretty quickly.....cause it was running very good up till a few days ago. I worked on vehicles for a long time, and am pretty used to diagnosing "drivability" problems, and never noticed anything till yesterday.

Thing is....I called the dealer's service department here in town, and read them my VIN # just last week; after reading more posts about everyone else's
experiences (at Daytona, etc), and my VIN number did not show any bulletins or recalls!! These guys are usually pretty good people, so I don't think they were trying to hide anything. My bike is an '03; built in April 03.

Oh, well I'm glad it happened close to home, and not half-way to hell some place!! I would recomend everyone change this little chicken s__t part before it causes you grief. :2cents:

I've sent a photo of the little turd that causes us all this grief to Max to see if he'll post it for me.(since I still can't seem to post photos with my profile for some reason(?!?!) good luck. redrazor

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Redrazor, my ride is still in the shop. It went in on Wednseday afternoon to have the flange / fuel line connections checked out and to have the spark plugs pulled and checked after my Daytona problem (thread posted in Problems section).

The dealer hasn't call me yet to tell me what's going on. Will probably stop in this afternoon. I will post what I find out if anything.
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