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My SE '05 restoration

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It's taken a few years but I'm finally finished putting her back together. It was an accident victim I originally picked up for parts, but later decided to restore it out of a sense of duty. Despite the obvious front-end and drop damage, the frame wasn't 'branded' and the bike is, after all, a CVO. And of course the TC was a bonus.

I also decided to customize the tins, trying my hand at a candy paint job -- a horribly long process that turned out in the end. I also slapped in the '06 240 Reactor setup to match the front wheel. So for all intents and purposes, it's and '05 SE with SE2 parts.




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Very, VERY well done!

Respect! :notworth:
Nice job Russ.. Looks great..
Thats a dream machine! You did an amazing job with that paint. Im a sucker for that color.

What kind of turbo did you got with? You cant be a tease and not tell us what kind of numbers it put up on the dyno.
Thanks. I also have a weakness for a deep candy-apple, one of the reasons why I changed the tins -- to show more red. The CVO paint scheme is nice but a bit busy for my taste. The factory tins had some paint chips, which I'm in the process of repairing.

The previous owner installed the Trask TC w/ inner cooler and clocked 5K miles on it, though it needed rework. I think he said he dyno'd it but can recall if he showed me charts. But from what others have posted, I believe ~160-165-hp is fairly consistent with this particular setup. Which is good enough for me. Having never ran a TC before, I was pleasantly surprised how seamlessly it runs, like a big motor more or less.
Looks good man!
Looks great!!! :notworth:

H/D sure could use your talent in the paint/design dept...
I love it - am in a similar boat myself right now will reach out via PM
Looks great! Glad you decided to save her.
Looks great, gotta like the color.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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