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Noticed a few times at my fuel gauge did not work when i starte the bike, it came on afte some time. Later it stop working while driving, also noticed that the indicators did not work, and the motor fault indication lamp can on. And while driving it would come on again. I did not see or check if more was not working. Check all fuses, all ok. Found the el-diagram on this sight, again suspected the accy fuse or a broken wire. The fault was still on and off, but when removing the accy fuses, I had the same fault constantly. Looking at the el-diagram again, I now suspected the key switch. Toke the switch apart, which is very simple, just be careful not to drop any of the 3 small springs and 3 small pads when opening the switch. The contact parts inside were dirty, gave it a good cleaning, assembled and the problem was solved.:)
You can find pictures of the key switch before and after cleaning in a public folder under my profile

So the above is just to share my knowledge if you experienced similar issues. My Night Rod Special is from 2007, and have done 40100km.
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