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Before my question know that I think I read every mid control post I could find on every HD related forum and general google search. I still haven't seen a definitive answer if there are mid controls that can be fitted for this year and model.

There are threads that have Rizoma, and HD kits (both appear to be discontinued) another company who has a disconnected number when I called. See many posts show how to mount pegs only but none with controls. I'm at a loss for one post that gave part numbers but mentioned that it works for 2012 and newer. I'm new to HD and not well versed in differences between years to know if i can adapt to fit.

So after that long winded intro above can anyone hand me, on a silver platter, parts that can be fitted to make Mids work on a 2010 VRSCDX? I'll be forever grateful or at least give a big thank you!!
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