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Name - John Graybill

Home - Maryland

Destination - Work :biker:

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Another Delawarean, Newark that is, small college town in New Castle County.

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Name: VA V-Rod
Home: Northern VA (Springfield area)
Destinations: NC Outer Banks or Eastern Shore of MD, or local rides to the west and SW in VA

Also member of Fairfax HOG, and they do put some good rides together.



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Mid-Atlantic Registry

Name: Ed Forman alias Edman

Home: Temporarily in Chesapeake, VA, but moving to Va Beach, VA the end of June 04.

Reason: Back home taking care of my aging parents because I will not put them in a nursing home or assisted living facility!

Destinations: Anywhere

Remember: Rangers Lead The Way!:biker:
1 - 20 of 190 Posts
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