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Hello together,
I have been on this site for a while - it is a superb place for any type of question I had so far concerning my VRSCX, you guys really helped my out already a couple of times!

I hope that you can help me now too - I have a specific problem with the 260/40 VR18 Metzeler Marathon XXL I bought. I brought in the bike to my dealer yesterday to get rid of the stock Dunlops and after reading a lot of threads on here about the Metzelers I thought they were the right way to go.

This morning my dealer called me and said that the tire will fit the rim, but has not enough clearance and will rub so he's rather put on a 240 and I should just return the 260.

I mean, is that really possible? After doing a lot of research on this site I was absolutely sure the tire should fit my bike.....

Thanks for your help!!
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