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Metzeler 280

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I've searched but nothing came up that I'm looking for.

Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse.

On my VRSCX, 240 rear, I'd like to get a rounder profile on the back, I find myself cornering on that little edge of the tire, way no good. I think putting this wider tire on my wheel will pinch the beads a little making for a rounder profile. I have researched it, and it seems to physically fit, but my main reason is getting better performance a max lean angle. Yeah, I know I'm an idiot, but I like to go around fast corners fast. I've got mid mount pegs, tucked in exhaust, longer shocks, and I run out of tire.
Anyone have some experience with this?, any info you can give my would be greatly appreciated.
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There are many threads on here about tyre size. Yes a 280 will fit, just, but it's too wide for the rim. You're simply wasting rubber, as not all the tread will actually contact the tarmac, and it won't/can't corner as well. Depending on the make either a 250 or 260 is the widest usable tyre for these bikes. Sure put a larger size on, your bike and your money, but it's not gonna do anything except look a little fatter.
Looking strictly for a round profile, not width. Might have to get a 17" rear wheel to get the rounded profile I'm looking for. I don't know, might try that Dunlop Qualifier they have in 240, I don't know.
Search the site for a picture of the Avon 250 and the Metzler 260 and 280 . The meztler doesn`t look right on the rim . They all look the same in with or are a few millimeters of each other . My 250 Avon has severed me well . On my third set now .
personally i find the 280 wears more uniformaly across the tread than the 260 which wears the center more than the edge.looks better the way it rolls over the edge,again the 260 just ends in a sharp ridge.the 208 has a smaller dia than the 260 fitted,improving the gearing,when running the 30 t front,kindof like going down to a 29t.haters will hate.
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