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Me to Frank

I just got back from the hospital after center punching a big dog at 55 to 60 mph. Got off work and it was so nice I thought I would ride my bike to school tonight. Drove the truck home and cleaned up, threw the books in the backpack and headed to town. All went well till I got out of town (after school) where the speed kicked back up to 65 mph when this big dog waited for the car in front of me to go by before running out in front of me! People stopped and phoned the authorities and the girl (late teens or early twenty’s) who owned the dog came out and drug it off the road and her mom saw that I was still breathing said she had to go console her daughter as she was really upset over the loss of the dog. They didn’t even give a damn about me, just their dog. Anyway the whole right side of my body is still swelling and I probably won’t be able to get out of bed Tuesday. They did some x rays of my right heel as it hurts like hell, hip is swollen, and right elbow has a big road rash and is really swollen as my jacket ground away in that area! Basically from my little toe to my neck on my right side is in the same shape as the v-rods. Thank God I was wearing my helmet! Well I'm getting pretty tired now as the meds are starting to kick in. I’ll check back in after I see the bike in the daylight.
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