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Max, I got a couple questions for you please......

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I ordered a small led shift light, I cannot see, keep up with that tiny little tach when tucked in, maximum accelleration. I remember it has been discussed before but where is the easiest spot to pick up a coil pulse, or tach signal on the vrod? This particular light will read either both coil pulses or just one cylinder. Also, is there a readily available switched 12 volt pickup point too somewhere? like an accessory plug or something? I know you would have the answers right off the tip of your brain for me.......you smart guy. Thanks.
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I and probably Max remember the original 20 questions on the telly. Is it animal, vegetable or mineral? This is where you learned to ax the right questions to get the answers you needed to give you the clues of what the item was that you were to figure out. Anyone understand all that gets 5 extra points and 10 if you remember the program too.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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