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Marketplace purchase?

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hello I want to buy some parts from marketplace here in the forum…
Does anyone know where their be an option to pay safely through marketplace or an easy way to make a safe/secure payment for both parties?
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Paypal and venmo are the 2 favorite options. Or of course cash is king whenever possible. But…. Be aware that with the new tax law our wonderful administration passed, any sale over $600 gets you a 1099- and you get taxed as a seller. Especially if the buyer tags the purchase “goods and services “ While it does offer protection for the buyer it’s hell for the seller.
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Nope. It’s a Biden plan. And I was recently caught up in it when my sister in law sent me money for something with Venmo. So now I’ll get taxed on money that WASNT a profit from a sale of anything, Venmo’s response was “too bad, nothing we can do”.
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