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I repaired my loose throttle sleeve over two years ago, so I guess its safe to pass along how I did it.

It bothered me that the throttle on our bikes is so loose. I removed my throttle grip with sleeve from the handlebar and took some measurements. If my memory serves me correctly, the plastic sleeve is around 0.025" larger than the handlebar. That's a lot of loose!

I looked around my garage for some 0.010" shim plate to wrap around the handlebar. The only thing that I could find was a soda can that is approximately 0.005" thick. After a couple of trials and errors, here's what I found:

I carefully cut the top and bottom off of the soda can with a knife and scissors. Then I cut the cylinder vertically. That left me a smooth, unwrinkled shim plate. I carefully trimmed the ends of the plate parallel to the maximum length of good shim.

I wrapped the shim around the handlebar twice without wrinkling it and marked it so that it wouldn't lapse a third time. Then I carefully cut it to length.

This is the tricky part: I curled the shim into an ever-tightening cylinder until it maintained it's shape against the inside of the throttle grip WITHOUT WRINKLING IT. Once I was assured that it stayed contoured against the inner wall of the throttle sleeve, I coated it with graphite powder and inserted it into the sleeve.

Then I poured a little more graphite powder into the sleeve, ensuring an even coating throughout, and assembled the throttle.

I've disassembled the throttle on a couple of occasions (to lube the cables) since then and all is well. My throttle is still as smooth as glass and has very little looseness. It is a noticeable improvement over stock.
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