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Looking for opinions

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Got rid my RoadGlide because I am not touring that much anymore. Went with the V-Rod Muscle because I liked the performance and looks. Already started making it mine and now I am considering a fairing. I want something that will block some of the wind, none of them block it all. So I am wanting opinions on what others have done and how they like the looks and functionality.

Yes I know it's always dangerous to ask for opinions on a biker's forum but what the heck!
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Not trying to be one of those pricks who stomps on a new guy with use the search, but in this case I really think that is what you need to do.

Obviously one of the biggest positives of the entire VRSC line is looks and there have been some great looking baggers with large fairings posted over time. IMO the simple windscreens look bad and generally are not well sorted for aero. I have not used an HD removable fairing on my R, but have on other Harleys and have not been at all impressed. Fairings like the batwing give great coverage and if done correctly can look surprisingly good on a VRSC.
Personally I love the road glide fairing on the Muscle. My thing is, unless you’re gonna have it loaded with all the bells and whistles, it’s sorta pointless. I have the HD windshield and it looks good on the Muscle. I have a buy that took his and had it painted so that it looks tinted. That’s a huge improvement as far as looks go. I’m going to do the same, but I’ll probably have some color added on the edges. Plus with the HD windshield, it’s quick detach. I think that’s great for when you still want that sleek and sexy look.

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If you were to go with a 'Glide fairing or the like, I'd do the bags as well to make the bike balance out.

IF you can find the mounting hardware for the F shield, Rifle has a few other options (including lowers) that are possibilities as well.

Probably won't go with the Road Glide look since that is what I just sold. Thinking of the roadster fairing from GRCustoms. They also have the Batwing fairing but that looks too wide for the muscle IMHO.
I looked at the batwing fairing for my VRSCAW. Instead I bought a Harley clamp on windshield only for trip use, and then you can take it off when cruising.
Guess we got that one settled. Some like the big fairings and some don't. Some like the clamp on and some don't. We have a consensus. Everyone likes something different.
Out of curiosity has anyone ever come across someone putting the sport glide fairing on a v-rod?

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