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Long time eavesdropper...first time poster

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I've been on this site for a good month everyday....tons of good info. Anyway, thought I should introduce myself. My name is Ty, and I live in San Antonio. I'm currently in the military, and this is my first time back in the states after living in Italy for a couple years. I've had my V-rod for a month and love it. I've only been around town, so no long trips yet....yet. I'm supposed to go next week to Orlando for the HD Dealer's show with my father in-law who's a dealer in SoCal. Its going to kick ass....hopefully I'll be up for the trip....and that it stops raining!!!

I've talked to a few people....Rick from up at Fort Hood was awesome today on the phone answering a few questions I had.

Anway, great site, good to be here...Ty

P.S. I know there are no mods on this bike other than the pipes....its still new....forgive me.


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:welcome: Always glad to see a new v rod owner. Welcome to our addiction!!!!!

Welcome tymiller, thanks for introducing yourself.

It was good to talk to you today... If you get a chance to ride up to FT. HOOD call my Military Cell and we will hook up... :cheers:
Nice Garage!;) :welcome:
Looks like the garage of the ice storm pic I posted...was that you?????????
Ty, welcome!! Glad you came out of lurk mode!

Lots to read in these here pages.
Welcome. What base are you at in San Antonio, and where were you in Italy? - - Crash
At Lackland...was at Aviano
Welcome, Brother! Glad to see you here.

Welcome, glade to see you shed the Lurker status!!!

Ton's of good info here..., you bet!
Welcome Ty,

Sorry about the rain you're going to experience here in FL. Maybe it will at least be warmer. Let us know how the show went.


If you head west out of SA on Hwy 90, let me know. I am about an hour and a half out west in Uvalde.
well, as I always say paint, paint, and more paint, lol. but really welcome DH
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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