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I am in the process of changing my turnsignals and license plate light. I don't want to splice into the factory wiring. I am looking for the electrical connectors for the license plate light and the rear turn signals. I assume they can be obtained from HD but I am looking for a part number or a source. Had the VRod for two weeks and got the itch to change and customize.

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I don't know the part numbers off-hand, but I did make wiring pigtails to plug into the factory connectors, leaving the bare ends to attach to new lights. The parts book at your Harley shop will have the part numbers. They have a lighting diagram that shows all factory connectors on the lights. PLUS you will need to buy the terminals to crimp onto the wires that go into the connectors. You can use needlenose pliers to crimp the terminals.

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here's the H-D part numbers for the contacts that will go on the wires and fit into the stock connectors - 73191-96

Instructions for the removal and insertion of the contacts from the plastic housings are in the service manual (you do have a service manual?)... even if you don't have a crimper, you can carefully "crimp" the contacts on with a pair of needle-nose pliers and then solder them. MAKE SURE YOU SOLDER THEM!!

You can re-use the factory connector housings, but if you want to get new ones, here's the part numbers for the plastic connector housings (you will still need the contacts from above)

73152-96WE - Left rear signal
73152-96BK - right rear signal
73153-96BK - license plate light

73191-96 - contact pins/terminals
(you will need at least 6 of them for what you are doing... get a few extras, trust me :) )

If anyone wants the terminals put onto their lights, you could send them to me and for $15.00 (shipping and parts), I'll put them on for you... however, most dealers, if you have a good relationship with them, would probably get someone to crimp them on for you if you buy them.

BTW, the wires from the signals only need to be about a foot long.
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