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I bought a set of legends shocks for my 07. The instructions came in clearly for an 06 and the airline was not long enough.

I sent them an email telling them what I thought was wrong and asking if any other changes were on the 07s. They sent me an entire new hardware kit and set of drawings.

I checked the spacers in the new kit against the new drawing and they didnt match up. I called the number they kindly included in my new kit and they shipped out the correct spacers saturday delivery overnight for me.

I know mistakes happen, but these guys did every thing they could to help me and make me happy without me having to ask....thats my versions of customer service.

we all make mistakes, its how we handle them that seperates us.

Thought I would pass along the good news for once :)

And if you have an 07 ask your dealer to get you the new kit :)
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